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Interact with one of our Images using your phone and immediately see an online profile with links to videos, images, and more!

High School Legacy Boards

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The Interactive Experience

When using our products, you can easily engage with one of our captivating plaques using your phone and instantly access a comprehensive online profile. This profile includes a range of compelling content such as videos, images, and biographical information, giving you a detailed glimpse into an athlete or school’s Legacy.


Legacy Boards represent the latest iteration of our product. This update aims to provide a solution for schools with an extensive history of athletic achievement and recognition. Each board measures 4×4 feet and features 50 interactive plaques that are dedicated to individual athletes. This design enables schools to conserve wall space while maintaining a comprehensive display of their athletic Legacies and Honors.


The Legacy Board method has been adopted by West High School, to showcase their Athletic Hall of Fame. Previously, West High School had relied on 8×10 picture frames to display their esteemed Hall of Fame members. However, as time passed, there was simply not enough space to accommodate new inductees. Fortunately, our innovative Legacy Boards have provided a solution by enabling the storage of over 300 Hall of Fame Members with Inteactive plaques across six boards.