Austin Boyd

Austin Boyd was born on July 9, 2002, in Fort Worth, Texas, to Jeremy and Jennifer Boyd and has

one older sister, Madi Boyd. Austin grew up in Grandview, Texas, and attended Grandview ISD from

kindergarten through 12 th grade. Austin started playing peewee football in 1 st grade when he was 6 years

old and was quarterback from 1 st through 9 th grades. He moved to slot receiver his sophomore year. He

played strong safety, special teams, tight end, and deep snapper throughout his varsity career. His

senior year while making All-State Receiver, he had 59 receptions, 1107 yards, 12 touchdowns and

accumulated 78 tackles on defense. Austin currently attends Tarleton State University to pursue a

degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He plans to graduate in December, 2023.



Jersey Number



2019 All-State Receiver and Defensive Back

Position / Role


Graduation Year

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